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Roaming around the US airports and from air

I enjoy the freshness of cultural atmosphere when I  just walked out of flight gate. To sum up, the localize outfits, building structure, decoration impresses and surprises me a lot.

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Because of business or personal trips, I got some chances to visit a few of few airports. So.. let’s take a look!

George Bush Intercontinental/HoustonAirport (IAH), Texas

The airport is fancy and clean. They offer a lot of self-service machine on each tables.


Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), Minnesota

The airport is full of elk & ducks souvenir with lot of decorations.



Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA), Texas


And next, I always enjoy viewing the sky on the air and expect to return my 2nd home – Bay area!



Note: The above pictures were taken while traveling with mom. She likes to clip any pretty breathtaking view in that moment. So all the nice quality photos are credited from her. Camera: Canon powershot digital camera sx530 with 50x optical zoom 


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