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DoorDash Free delivery – DashPass

The whole food delivery App please check: UberEATS、 DoorDash、Grubhub、Postmates  . And recently I found UberEats is getting cheaper UberEATS changes booking fee based on distance! On same month( Aug, 2018), DoorDash also launched DashPass

📌 Intro of Online Delivery App: Online delivery App: UberEATS、 DoorDash、Grubhub、Postmates

📌  UberEats is getting cheaper! UberEATS changes booking fee based on distance

1. You might need DashPass if you are …

  • with lover, roommates or family. Either you are alone but you can still order 2 more meals
  • less interested on cooking
  • busy-working person
  • foodie – love trying different cuisine & new restaurants
  • loner and don’t like to eat alone in restaurant

2. No delivery fee on orders over $15

Check as below bill, I haven’t joined DashPass plan via DoorDash. The total delivery fee & service fees took almost 25%!($5.59/$22.4)
doordash 7

3. Monthly Fees


The standard delivery fee in DoorDash is around $3.99~$5.99. If you are planning to order two times per months, it might good idea to consider for this. And you can cancel the plan anytime.

In my experience, I only request food delivery when I’m pretty lazy. And it’s hard to reach $15 if I’m alone. (Unless I should collect two meals or add some starters). I sometimes just order UberEATS, as no minimum order requirement, no delivery fees in short distance.

So far I haven’t tried my DashPass Free trail in DoorDash.

doordash 3.JPG

4. Free 1-week trial, cancel anytime

5. The comparison table of App:

UberEATS DoorDash Grubhub Postmate
Area Expansion  Expansion  Expansion Narrow
Tip Self-decision Self-decision Self-decision Self-decision
Delivery fees $4.99, $2.49, $0 $3.99~$5.99 or $0(Join DashPass) $3.99 $5.99
Tax Around 1% Around 1% Around 1% Around 1%
New member $5.00

You can register by here or type : eats-uberbeckyuber


You can register by here


You can register by here


link(Refer code:zvnxp)

📌 Intro of Online Delivery App: Online delivery App: UberEATS、 DoorDash、Grubhub、Postmates


Isn’t it great to watch movie, check DoorDash driver’s schedule, and you will receive the warm meal within 30 mins?

doordash 1.jpg

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