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My favorite Indian movies (Netflix & Amazon)

I believe you already know Three idiotsPk…etc and may would like to watch more   Aamir Khan movies. I recommend some movies I like in NetflixAmazon Prime. Let’s have the exotic night on Friday night or weekend!

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1. Selective

The three movies are from  Aamir Khan‘s movies.

Three idiots

This is my first Indian movie. If you’re a real beginner to “try” Indian movie, I would suggest you can start from here. And I love its theme song, as my dad always tell me, “All izzz well”. Amazon prime link


When you enjoy this comedy, actually it includes many religious issues.  Netflix link


I would say after “Finding Nemo”, this would be another ” father love” movie. Netflix link

2. Education/ Working/ Life Topic

Taare zameen par

This is also Aamir Khan ‘s another movie. The movie is about the “special talent kid” is trained by teacher. Netflix link

Hindi Medium

It is about Indian parent are trying to pretend poor to let kid going to good school. The movie looks like comedy, however it’s very meaningful. Netflix link

For here or to go

Full English movie. It’s about the immigration workers / employees in the USA. You will feel some common place such as  Suju’s , Madras cafe if you live in bay area. Netflix link

Slumdog Millionaire

This movie got many Oscar rewards. The main actor also acted “ Life of Pi” ” The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”  Amazon link


It’s talking about the dad and daughter’s story. I have been watching many times. Amazon link

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

A famous comedy. The main actor was in the jail before. ( Please refer to Year Movie Sanju)Amazon link

The Lunchbox

You will see the women is being underestimated in India. And I believe now it’s getting better.  Amazon Prime link

Secret superstar

You need the tissue when you are watching this movie. It’s about the woman issue in India. Aamir Khan is one of actors inside. Netflix link

3. Romance

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

One of my favorite movies. Hence I put this movie in my first recommendation list in Romance part. The movie title meaning is” you only live the life once”. Amazon Prime link

2 States

You will see how different states people reaction. Full romance and comedies. Netflix link

Half girlfriend

It’s popular recently in Yr 2018. I heard this theme song a lot in Delhi and Indian selective music list. Netflix link

love ni bhavai

One of my favorite Gujarati movie. 100% romance and you won’t stop the movie in the middle. Netflix link

jab we met

When you mention this movie, most of Indian friends will be so happy to talk about this. And they will surprise why you know this movie! Indian girls will tell you that’s thier favorite romance movie… blablabal. Anyways, I would say this is the classic Indian romance style and you will watch again and again.

I felt sometimes I’m lost in some scenes. And I think it’s common to watch different national movie. You will only know the funny parts when you know its language. Netflix link

Namastay London

Light romance. She is one of my favorite actress Katrina Kaif! Netflix link

jab harry met sejal

Let me introduce many Indian girl’s romance actor –Shah Rukh Khan. I’m showing his ” standard romance facial expression.”Netflix link


Finding fanny

The story is similar  Letters to Juliet in Amazon. The elder person is one of famous elder movie stars in India.  Netflix link

Wake up sid

The story is light in the beginning, however you should be patient and keep watching. It includes many meaning of life. Sometimes you feel this person is immature, on other hand, another person also think the same way to you. We should always try to embrace other people. Netflix link

4. Epic movies

Honestly, I’m not the big fans of epic story. But I’m happy to check the clothes and dances.

Bahubali 1 & Bahubali 2 

The average movie is 3 hours. These are one of nice movies to Indian. The story is classic and it takes big investment for these movies. When you talk these movies with your Indian friends, they will be so happy to discuss with you and ask your opinions.  It’s hard to book the tickets in Bay area in that moment.  Netflix link Bahubali 1 & Bahubali 2 


Literally there was a queen. And story is revised a bit. In real life, the Protagonist (Deepika Padukone) and Antagonist (Ranveer Singh) are married. Amazon link


5. Thriller/ Crime


The story is based on Shakespeare’s “Othello”. Amazon link


The real story is filmed. You’ll be surprise the dramatic life. The actor Ranbir Kapoor acts so well! As above mentioned Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is in the movie as well.


TV series. You will find the main actor is from 3 idiots. Amazon link


One of awesome thriller movies. The original movie is from Papanasam(Tamil) and Malyalam. Amazon link


This is a few not Hindi movie I have watched (Telugu). Telugu is another movie branch compare to Bollywood. The main actor Mahesh Babu can’t tell his age! ( He’s 40 now) Netflix link


Thriller comedy. Why I was still get scared in movie theater! As it is launched this year, you should wait for a while.

6. Politics


After watching Wake up Sid, Netflix recommend me this. There are many famous actors inside. I feel the style is like ” Indian God father”.Netflix link

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