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Cauliflower Potato in 15 mins

Cauliflower Potato( Hindi: Aloo Gobi) is one of Mr.D favorite dishes. And it’s good for me as the dish is very simple, quick. And I love the flavor as well…. So…let’s start!

Cauliflower potato

Turn on instant pot to saute mode and melt the butter. Cook Cumin for 1 mins and then onion with salt to soft. And add “spices family” and cook for few mins. Later on, you can add tomatoes for few mins. Lastly, it’s happy “dumping time” – dump the potato, cauliflower, frozen green peas and add just a little bit water( 5 spoons). Put the lid on and press the “pressure cook” for 3 mins.
When the pressure mode is finished. Take out the lid and put a few cilantro, fine peanuts and lemon juice. Be patient to stir few mins…( Mr.D kept saying, it smells amazing!) And the food is ready to eat! 


Instant pot(IP)、Onion、Tomatoes、Frozen peas、cauliflower, Cilantro, lemon, peanuts

Spice family: Turmeric, Cumin Powder, Red Chili PowderGaram MasalaCumin seeds,Paprika, kasuri methi, corriander and cumin powder, Salt, Ground Black pepper ( Generally I put 0.5 spoon Turmeric, Garam Masala and others are all 1 spoon… It will depend on your flavor. You can try many times until perfect!)

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