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UberEATS changes booking fee based on distance

The whole food delivery App please check: UberEATS、 DoorDash、Grubhub、Postmates  . And recently I found UberEats is getting cheaper!
 UberEats  is getting rid of its $4.99 flat rate delivery fee in favor of a varying fee based on distance. The news can check here
I ordered my favorite restaurant with some doubt. And when I checked the receipt, the booking fee is $0!

uber eat (2)

And I checked my list in UberEats, the booking fees are different. You can register by here or type eats-uberbeckyuber
No Restaurent Distance Transit time Booking fee
1  Amber 0.6 miles 4 mins free
2 Oren’s 2.4 miles 7 mins $2.49
3  Inchin’s 11.3 miles 19 mins $4.99


The comparison table of App:
UberEATS DoorDash Grubhub Postmate
Area Expansion  Expansion  Expansion Narrow
Tip Self-decision Self-decision Self-decision Self-decision
Delivery fees $4.99, $2.49, $0 $3.99~$5.99 or $0(Join DashPass) $3.99 $5.99
Tax Around 1% Around 1% Around 1% Around 1%
New member $5.00

You can register by here or type : eats-uberbeckyuber


You can register by here


You can register by here


link(Refer code:zvnxp)

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