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Instant Pot Red Bean Soup

On Saturday night, I just miss mom’s homemade red bean soup. So I think why I don’t give it a try to one of my hometown favorite soup – red bean soup.
It’s very common cuisine in Asia. Most of family have their cooking ways. My mom used to tell me to soak the red bean for 5 hours( or overnight!) and slow cook for 3 hour. It would be the long time process so generally she will cook a big pot and put the soup in the refrigerator. Since I bought the instant pot, I realize I can use this to cook my hometown soup also. So…let’s start!

0.5 bowl of red bean

Brown suger


Hand blender

Instant pot(IP)

1. Rinse the red bean and put into the IP inner pot.
2. Add water to marked# 2~3 (depends on how thick soup you need)
3. Turn on Pressure cook mode, close the vent, press bean function for 30 mins.
4. After this, turn off and turn on Saute mode for 10 mins
5. Press cancel and then use blender to make the soup look thick. ( If you want the clear soup, you can ignore the blender part)
6. Add the 3~5 spoon Brown suger depends on your tastes. I like to add just a few.
Overall, it took me 1 hour to get my soup. And I don’t even worry about the pot will burn or long-time cooking. Instant pot become one of my top kitchen helpers!


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