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Ready for Vegetable Biryani?

Biryani is one of my favorite dish of Indian cuisine. While shopping in store, I think it’s good to try it out! The ingredient is simple and traditional Biryani will add a lot of yogurt, spice, oil. And I changed the tastes more close to Asian/ Taiwanese. 
I would say it likes an art if you go for traditional Biryani. My friend cooked around 3~4 hours, arranged different layers and with long cook. As now I just purchased instant pot, I reviewed many vegetarian cuisine they all share about the biryani. I couldn’t resist. So here goes…vegetable Biryani. 



Turn on instant pot to saute mode and melt the butter. Cook onion to soft and take out the onion. Put the rinse rice and cook around 5 mins, and pour all chop veggies and spices( as below) depends on your taste and add the water to cover the ingredient( don’t put too much water if you want your rice not too soft). Put the lid on the saute 8 mins and press cancel function. Place the onion on the top and press the “pressure cook” for 5 mins. The food is ready to serve. 
Note: Release the vent soon if you want your rice not too soft.

0.5 bowl of rice

Butter, yogurt

Veggies: 1 green pepper,1 potatoes,5 small tomatoes,1 bowl of green been,1 bunch cilantro,1 onion, 1 lime

spices: Biryani masala, Chili powder, cumin seed, Salt


Instant pot(IP)



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