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Summer Hiking the Portola State Park

At last! We decided to go outdoor activity this weekend. And the more wonderful is that many friends are coming this hiking. The hiking journey starts with some curved mountain roads. 
And we enjoyed all “green” nature, fresh air and the surprised of a lovely deer on the road. 

Portola state park (6).jpg


This time everyone decided to go for moderate hike -Coyote Ridge & Pomponio trail, and dropped original “easy hike” plan. As the easy trail would be only .75 miles.
Even the trail is moderate, the total elevation gain is 1000 feet only but the route is long – 6.5 mile. It took us to finish around 4 hours. The trail is around with beauty summer nature green leaves. Sometimes I saw the “fresh” unknown animal poop on the road🦊🐯🦌❓ 
In the end we were not sure about the end of loop so few members of team walked plus went for small run to expect to see signals. Friends spent couple minutes to figure it out every single signs and many of us enjoy the rare mosquitoes bite in Bay area. Thanks world we finally found the destination point! Glad the “big basin hiking at night” thing not happen again! When everyone reach, we said, good to see you again and good to back to real life.
Anyways, the unknown destination is scary, exciting, and unforgettable. I wish in my mind that I ’d go back another day with these warmth of friends.

Portola State park Info (2)

Portola State Park Info


From Highway 35, turn west onto Alpine Road, go 3 miles, and turn onto Portola State Park Road. The road dead ends in the park. Use low gear as both these roads are steep and winding. 


Day use hours: 6am-Sunset (In severe weather the park might be closed.)
Visitor Center: Thursday through Sunday 10am to 4pm 


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