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Fried potatoes with veggies

With the summer weather just around the corner, we’ve had a couple busy plans in H2 Year 18. After eating wonderful brunch, I decided to cook basic but his favorite cuisine – potatoes.
In Asia cuisine, most of potatoes cuisine would be side dishes only.  But it’s fantastic to mix with Indian spices and then potatoes can be main dish! We watched one of classic Bollywood movie Devdas along with lunch. It includes a lot of traditional Indian dances and Indian’s romance. 

Fried potatoes with veggies 2


9 small potatoes, 0.5 onions, veggies

Many spices: Mustard seeds ,Turmeric, Cumin Powder, Red Chili PowderGaram MasalaBay leavesCumin seeds,Paprika, Salt, Ground Black pepper

When preparing garlic and onion. I putted cube potatoes to pot and cook around 10 mins. Don’t forget to add the 1 spoon Turmeric and salt to be more tasty! After this, removing the water and adding few salt, black pepper, PaprikaRed Chili Powder, few oil to marinate for 10 mins.
In other side, put 1 spoon Cumin seeds 2 spoons Mustard seeds  and 1 Bay leaves and cook for 2 mins. Put Garlic slices and onion cook to tender and then add veggies. Add marinated potatoes and keep stiring to crispy brown outside. 





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