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Country music in Castro Street

Sometimes I feel I have lost some happiness by the daily routine life. When my friend told me, let’s meet out in Castro Street, Mountain view. I immediately say yes!
After having the delicious Chinese supper, we walked along the street to burn the calories. Surprisingly we found the evening night live music is going on. We stopped by, enjoyed the music, and looked at those happy people are dancing without any hesitation. 
Besides the music concert, there’s children summer farm promotion and vintage car showtime. I told my friend, we came here had some dinner and walked around in Castro street last year as well. I feel like all the scenes are repeat again on my sight! What a”Déjà vu”!!

“It’s the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.-Wiki”

Castro (1)


San Francisco is full of tourist, rush working jungle and San Jose or Fremont are kind of peaceful family-oriented paradise. And I would say Mountain view area would be my ideal neutral spot to stay at this moment. It’s not either modern like Chicago tall buildings or fancy like New York Fifth Avenue. You will be feel so free when you slowly walk in this area. 

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