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Dentist Clinic and teeth cleaning experience


It has been four years since I come to Bay area. And this is my first time to visit local dentist.

Compare to Taiwan, it’s crazy price if you visit dentist in America. And I don’t trust the local dentist as I rely someone to refer some reliable dentist. Also, I’m scare of going non-clean dentist clinic, it usually comes a lot of blood through teeth cleaning. Hence, I usually back to Taiwan once a year and make the appointment with dentist there. 

Recently I might ate too much sweet things such as Chai( Indian tea), cookies. I feel a bit painful so I checked some of my friends and colleagues. One friend recommends her relative. The dentist office is in Milpitas, CA.

1. Fees

Before going there, I recommend you should check your insurance package. For me, my company insurance offers me free teeth cleaning. And I should pay 20% extra fees if I do my decay teeth.

That’s extremely important to run the expense report from insurance company. Otherwise you will receive the crazy bill later!

2. Procedure

2.1 Teeth-cleaning

So far it’s the longest, most details through teeth cleaning in my whole life.  It spent 30 mins . She gave me a sunglasses to prevent strong light and sprinkle water.

2.2 Teeth floss teaching

I don’t maintain the good habit of using teeth floss. So she suggested me I should use each teeth! And she told me to keep this good routine before going to sleep. 

Green Lemon asked,” So should I clean each teeth?” 

Dentist answered,” unless you don’t want any teeth so you don’t need to clean.”

About the floss brand, she recommend me Reach, Oral B 


2.3 Brush teeth guidance

Apply 45 angles when you are brushing your teeth. And in dentist clinic, there are some brand to choose.

Oral-B( White), Oral-B( Black)




2.4 Check my gums condition

She checked each gums. The condition is good if my rating is from 1~3, and after 4, 5, 6 are not too good. Myself range is from 2~4, ok condition. Anyways, she suggested me to use floss and then back to clinic after 3 months.

2.5 X-Ray check

It spent 10 mins. And they protected my neck to avoid X ray radiation. My insurance company didn’t cover this so I receive the bill later. So I highly recommend you to check all the check item if insurance is covered. Or you’ll be very upset when you receive the bill. 

2.6 Toothpaste recommendation

So far my teeth is healthy( thanks!) But there are some small decay. My dentist is detail-oriented and explain me about the report. She understand I might back to Taiwan to do further details operation. So she recommend me to purchase the toothbrush Enamelon. It will prevent my bacteria. 



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