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Dentist Clinic and teeth cleaning experience


It has been four years since I come to Bay area. And this is my first time to visit local dentist.

Compare to Taiwan, it’s crazy price if you visit dentist in America. And I don’t trust the local dentist as I rely someone to refer some reliable dentist. Also, I’m scare of going non-clean dentist clinic, it usually comes a lot of blood through teeth cleaning. Hence, I usually back to Taiwan once a year and make the appointment with dentist there. 

Recently I might ate too much sweet things such as Chai( Indian tea), cookies. I feel a bit painful so I checked some of my friends and colleagues. One friend recommends her relative. The dentist office is in Milpitas, CA.

So…Let’s me try it!

1. Dental clinic

1.1 Name: Amherst Dentistry

1.2 Address: 1115 S Park Victoria Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035

1.3 Phone: (408) 946-1773

Office is clean. So far I know most of are long time customers.


2. Fees

Before going there, I recommend you should check your insurance package. For me, my company insurance offers me free teeth cleaning. And I should pay 20% extra fees if I do my decay teeth. 

3. Procedure

3.1 Teeth-cleaning

So far it’s the longest, most details through teeth cleaning in my whole life.  It spent 30 mins . She gave me a sunglasses to prevent strong light and sprinkle water.

3.2 Teeth floss teaching

I don’t maintain the good habit of using teeth floss. So she suggested me I should use each teeth! And she told me to keep this good routine before going to sleep. 

Green Lemon asked,” So should I clean each teeth?” 

Dentist answered,” unless you don’t want any teeth so you don’t need to clean.”

About the floss brand, she recommend me Reach, Oral B 

3.3 Brush teeth guidance

Apply 45 angles when you are brushing your teeth. And in dentist clinic, there are some brand to choose.

Oral-B( White), Oral-B( Black)



3.4 Check my gums condition

She checked each gums. The condition is good if my rating is from 1~3, and after 4, 5, 6 are not too good. Myself range is from 2~4, ok condition. Anyways, she suggested me to use floss and then back to clinic after 3 months.

3.5 X-Ray check

It spent 10 mins. And they protected my neck to avoid X ray radiation.

3.6 Dentist. Wong check

So far my teeth is healthy( thanks!) But there are some small decay. She is detail-oriented and explain me about the report. She understand I might back to Taiwan to do further details operation. So she recommend me to purchase the toothbrush Enamelon. It will prevent my bacteria. 



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