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For you

I was reading a blog on the bus. The article was about ” The 40 love letters for you”. So far she only finished 26 articles in 4 years, but doesn’t matter. I was almost full of tear while reading them. They are over 20 years married couple. And the best memory is holding hand and walking on the road after the dinner. And the most joyful thing is growing the white hair together.

I still remember you were planning business trip last weekend. You checked me many time about your schedule. And I thought you can plan then go, but why keep asking me?

But you told me, ” You are my important person. I’m afraid of you will get bored and lonely. So I’ll make you happy, follow your opinion and then arrange the schedule. “

I was so emotional in that moment and told him I’ll inform all my girlfriends. For sure those friends will tell this story to their boyfriend or husband.

He said, “It’s too much.”


Thank you. This is the sweetest candy on May. 

The spring in Bay area. The birds were singing the lovely songs along with my morning run. 

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