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Hindi learning

I started to learn Hindi via professional teacher since Feb 2018. 

Although I liked to browse many YouTube and free resource such as HindiPop101. I found the professional teacher and 1-1 interactive session are the best way to learn Hindi. It can be referenced to other languages such as English, Japanese, Germany. Here’s my target in Year18: 

  • Q2 Yr18: Build up Vocabulary and learn to write ( Watch many hindi movies) 
  • Q3 Yr18: Reading (Read many children books) 

1 Preply Introduction

Preply is an online educational technology platform which pairs students with private tutors, either locally in-person or remotely via Skype. It features a ranking algorithm which uses machine learning for classification and recommendation of tutors. – Wiki

2 How to Register Preply Course

It includes many language learning. You can click Teacher and decide the calendar you need.

3 Lesson Duration

I booked 30 mins ( or 45 mins or 1 hr) online and teacher will call me via Skype. The range is from 30 mins to 3 hr 45 mins.

4 Lesson Style

My teacher didn’t use video chat so I am less nervous. And she usually key-in the sentences so I can review it later. 

5 Lesson Rating

You will rate the lesson later so teacher can get the money later.

6 Lesson Price

For Hindi, the price range is from $3~$10/ per 30mins depends on teachers. You will search for other language in the platform. Compare the rage is from $25~$40 in Bay area, California. Using Preply is a smart and budget-saving solution. With the same price, I got the chance to practice with my tutor more.


The fun thing is that I can catch some simple words in Hindi movie now. If you are a new language learning person, you can use my Preply Link to register. Both of us can get 30% discount for the 1 class payment!


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