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How to prevent hair fall in the US


It’s dry in the North America. When I combed my hair, I always felt heart broken when I saw few hair are falling. How to keep your hair healthy and prevent falling? Here are some my tips for your reference. Before sharing, I just show you some models pictures. Isn’t it so pretty?

1 Food

1.1 Avoid spicy, Deep Fried Food

Avoid these food can keep your face pretty and make your hair more shiny.

1.2 Eat more vegetable

More fibers can make you poop smoothly. You can click Green’s Ideas to know more about vegan cuisine. 

2 Regular life routine

2.1 Sleep early and wake up early

Work your plan and plan your work. It will let you have more free time and sleep early.

2.2 Exercise

Doing exercise will make you have perfect figures and also make your hair grow more. You can check this How to keep the good figure in the USA

3 Clean your hair PROPERTY 

Gentle to wash your hair. I followed this Japanese professional guidance to massage my scalp. You will check step by step as below. After doing that, I feel my hair is getting better and lose less quantity. 

Ref: Book

4 Choose the good shampoo

It depends on your hair condition. If your hair is fragile and greasy like me, you can try and take turn of Aveda and Kiehl’s.

Ref:  Aveda  & Kiehl’s

After taking the shower, even my hair is easy to greasy, I will still put hair oil to my hair tail part. It will provide more nutrition to hair and prevent falling. After trying many oils( really a lot!!), I found that AVEDA Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil is good for me. And I also recommend Kiehl’s Since 1851 Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Leave-In Treatment.

Ref: AVEDA Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing OilKiehl’s Since 1851 Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Leave-In Treatment

5 Use 蓖麻油 Castor oil and 椰子油 Coconut oil To massage your scalp

I also found this tip from YouTube. I will apply the ratio of Castor oil and Coconut oil 1:1and mix them. I will apply gently to my hair scalp. And I wrap with Hair Processing Caps and sleep until next morning. I found my hair is much more strong and shiny after washes.

圖片來源: 蓖麻油 Castor oil椰子油 Coconut oil

6 Use the good Comb

It’s very dry in the USA, so it leads to hair falling. Here’s my favorite – comb Aveda. I feel like it massage my scalp property and it also prevent hair loses. 

7 No DAMAGE my hair

Sometimes it’s fancy and pretty after applying  Iron Hair . I only use some style in some formal events.

Ref: Amazon

8 Keep the room humid

I will apply the AVEDA Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil, in the outside. I also purchase the small Humidifier. And it keeps my skin and hair more humid. If you don’t want to fulfill the water too often, you can try Big Humidifier

Ref: Small Humidifier and Big Humidifier

Hope everyone all have some shiny and pretty hair! 


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