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How to keep the good figure in the USA

I was assuming there were many obese adults in the USA before coming to North America. 

However, in San Francisco, I saw many people were jogging and had the vegan cuisine. I am sharing my point of views that how to maintain the figures and gyms info. Let’s check the gym’s ad picture and video. Isn’t good to motivate to get the perfect figure?

1. Introduction to the gym (North CA)

1.1 24 Hour Fitness

  • Price: Start from $29.99 /per month plus first month membership fee $39.99
  • Website: https://www.24hourfitness.com/
  • Open hour:24 hour
  • Location: 400+ stores and 13 states
  • Click here to enjoy the 3 days free pass.

1.2 Equinox

  • Price: Start from $100/per month plus first month membership fee $300
  • Website: https://www.equinox.com/
  • Open hour:5:00am~11:pm
  • Location: 135+ stores

1.3 Anytime Fitness

1.4 Crunch Fitness

  • Price: Start from $10.95~24.95 /per month,Annual fees is $9.75
  • Website:   https://www.crunch.com/
  • Open hour: 5am~11:00pm
  • Location: 145+ stores

2. Self-training

2.1 Yoga pad

It’s easy to do yoga at home. Here’s the yoga I studied in Bikram hot yoga 26 postures 90 mins.

2.2 Dumbbells

There are 2lb, 3lb, 5lb dumbbells. The weight is good for females. Male could consider the heavier dumbbells (2lb, 5lb, 8lb). Here’s the link for your reference.

2.3 Jogging

Jogging can burn out your calories. You could use some app to track it.  

  • Recommend app: Runkeeper (iOS, Android) 、Strava  (iOS, Android)
  • Frequency: Twice a week. 30 mins for running and walking.

3. Diet

I had my three meals as usual as below. You can get general ideas of vegan food as below video. If you would like to get more info, please refer all my vegan recipe.

Breakfast:Oatmeal+Milk with a homemade soy milk

Lunch:Regular cuisine. And I’ll drink at least 2L water.

Dinner:Vegetarian food. 

4. MONITOR the weight 

I recommend the Lose it to tract the weight . Since July 2017 to now, I lost 13.8 lb, ( My height: 168 cm)


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