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Uber Express pool + Ride pass (Each ride is under $3 in 22 miles)

I am sharing the new function by Uber – Express pool. It is launched on Nov, Yr17. The basic info of Uber and Scoop please check Saving on the Transportation fees in Bay Area.

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1. What’s Uber Express pool

An affordable shared ride that works better, together. Now it’s only available in Bay Area.  Ref: Uber

1.1 Features

  • Meet and Drop at Express spots

    Do you have some experience that you can’t meet your driver even you pin the place? I think it’s time-efficient if Uber decide the express spots for both drivers and riders. Here’s the example that I drop off the Uber, and I just need to walk couple minutes to get my destination( within this green circle).


  • Cheaper price

Here’s the price I checked (with Ride pass package) on 1/3/18, isn’t it a big different? It’s 23 miles from Mountain View to Fremont, but I should only pay $1.99.


  • Improve the route

    When you request a ride, people around you are trying to go to the same place. We find those riders up front for fewer detours later. Ref: Uber

1.2 Disadvantages

  • Need time to walk for 2~3 mins

It means you can’t just chill at home and wait Uber. It’s not recommend to request Uber express pool in rainy day. Or it will be more difficult if you carry some heavy stuff.

  • Time-Wasting

If you have some important events such as Exam or meeting, please choose UberX to save some time.

2. How to use Uber Express Pool

◆ Select Uber express pool, pickup location, where to

It will take 2 mins to improve the route in Uber app. You will have some buffer to prepare to go.IMG_4322

◆ Choose the seat you needs.IMG_4337

◆ Prepare to go for little walking

You’ll walk just a couple of blocks (2 mins by walking, less than 1 mins by running) to your pick up point, and later spend 2 mins again to your final destination. As below picture, driver will pick up the area within the blue circle.



3. Comparison Table

 Uber Express pool  Uber Pool / Uber X
Ride pass Price ( From Mountain View to North Fremont; 23 miles) $1.99 Uber Express Pool, but price will overage sometimes $11.11 Uber Pool/ $26.16 Uber X,but price will overage sometimes
Payment Debit, Credit
Driver/ Rider Rating It will show on the apps It will show on the apps
Walking time Around 5 mins ( Meet and Drop at Express spots) 0 mins
Time flexibility Request anytime Request anytime
Weekend Available anytime Available anytime
Weekday Available anytime Available anytime
First Sign up promotion $10 Credit $10 Credit
Apply Register ( or use my promo code uberBeckyuber) Register ( or use my promo code uberBeckyuber)


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