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Business trip

As sales person, I have the business trips to visit Central and East coast clients. Here’s my experience and preparation before going to the meeting. Please take a look for Up in the air. It includes of professional sales and fresh interns check-in process.

1. Business TOOL

1-1 Luggage

Please don’t take too BIG luggage and try to avoid Check-in luggage. It will waste more time to check-in and wait for your luggage arrival. If you don’t have any budget concerns, I highly recommend TUMISamsoniteRimowa. Or you may find your lovely luggage in Amazon .

1-2 Earphones

Bose earphones would be the best choices for most of business people. You will take a full rest on flight in the quiet condition. However, you should check with manager’s schedule. It’s embarrassing if you can’t hear her/his follow-up things. Especially she/he likes to work on the plane. 

1-3 Travel Set

You can find the travel set in Target, Walmart, etc. Or you may find in Amazon as well. Be aware to be packed by Zip Lock.

1-4 Jet Lag Remedy

Currently I took business trip in the states only and there’s no need to take Jet lag remedy. But I did research online here’s the high rating in Amazon.

1-5 Business Clothes

  • Check the Weather report
  • Wear Local dress code

1-6 Power converter

It’s important to bring power converter especially you are going to foreign country. Here’s the high rating in Amazon.

2. Business Trip Overview

2-1 Before Business

  • Send out Agenda to customer
  • Route planning: You can consider to take Uber or Lyft if company is located in downtown. It’s more convenient and reduce the time for processing the rental cars.
  • Hotel:Take San Diego as an examples. You can search Via Hotel.com, Expedia, Booking.com, etc. Or you can try Airbnb as well!

2-2 In the business trip

Call customer and let them know you are arrived in their city. It’s a reminder for tomorrow meeting as well.

2-3 After the business trip

Try to sent out the Meeting minutes in the airport when you are in the fresh memory. 

3. Mind modification

You will worry about miss-flight, big snow storm, etc always. And it’s essential you should always come with good and adjustable moods. In the trip, I sometimes bring small Dumbbell and clear my mind.

4. Business trip frequently

In usual, we’ll have face to face business quarterly to discuss such as last season report, this season action plans, forecast. Here’s the sunset picture which were taken on the airplane, isn’t it beautiful? 


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