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Weekend Geeks

You might wondering what Green Lemon usually do on the weekend. Well… coffee, study and writing. And MR. GL is coding for sure. 

Let’s start with sunny morning. What would be better than having a nice brunch and coffee?



Apt’s Library is such a nice peaceful place to study and write my blog. Many blog posts are created here( no matter US, China, India related articles, etc). On the weekday night, there are always some software engineers or entrepreneurs to discuss the project. Located on the central of Silicon valley, some new product or ideas might just pop up suddenly here. 



It’s getting warmer in Late Spring. Apt residents and their friends were enjoying the sunny weather and talked. Plus there were two kids kept running back and forth. I believe they were having the great time.

With this energetic atomosphere, I could focus more on my studies. 


It was such a great weekend with full of geeky stuff. And I love it and will remember these peaceful life period. 🍭


GL’s Journey – Life . Food . Journey

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