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Bay Area Library card application

To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books.

–Carlos María Domínguez

I like visiting different libraries in the US or different countries. I have been moving around different locations in bay area and applied for 3 Library cards:San Francisco Public LibraryPeninsula Library systemSanta Clara County Library district .

Here’s the tutorial of Bay Area Library card application for you. You will receive the Library card which size is same as credit card or either small card can locked in the key chain. 


1. My library stories

Here’s the list that I feel these libraries are recommend to visit once in your life.

1-1 San Francisco Public Library

The oldest public library in San Francisco. If you like architecture, you will glad to see her beauty design.


PIC REF: mscorpmedia.azureedge.net/

SF-Public-Library-Main 2

PIC REF: http://kalw.org/

1-2 Boston Public Library 

It’s the oldest public library in the US.

PIC REF: madlonsbigbear.com/


 1-3 USC library  

The libraries of the University of Southern California are among the oldest private academic research libraries in California.

PIC REF: https://music.usc.edu/

Mudd Hall

PIC REF: http://kckarchitects.com/


2. Get a library card

  1. Fill out application form
  2. Bring your completed Library Card Application form to the Accounts Desk at any of the Community Libraries. You must provide your date of birth and present a valid form of identification showing your picture, name, and proof of your current address to complete your registration. It includes: 
  • DMV ID
  • Bill
  • Current bank or credit card bill/statement
  • W-2
  • Report card or transcript from current school year that shows name and address. More info please check here

3. The Full Access of library card

I recommend you check with each library’s website. here’s the example of  Santa Clara county library.

  • Borrow up to 100 items at a time
  • Request up to 12 items at a time
  • Access computer services & online resources
Most materials  3 wks
Best Seller Collection 3 wks
Magazines 1 wk
Movies 1 wk
Laptops and Devices 3 hrs
Children material   3 wks

4. Book drop return

  • Items returned in the bookdrop before 8 a.m. will be checked in as if returned the previous day.
  • The Santa Clara County Library District Fines, Fees, and Loan Periods is a description of the policies governing the circulation of library materials. The Fines & Fees Policy (PDF) provides a complete list of all library fines and other charges.

5. The method of own your books

Do you want to purchase new books or own your books? I recommend you to purchase the books in AmazonIf you are non-student new user, please click here to register and get $5 promo code. If you are new international student user, please click here to register and get $10 Promo code. The more details please check The Intro – Amazon Prime、Amazon Prime Now.

amzon HQ

 Amazon HQ in Seattle. PIC REF:Archdaily


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