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Soy Milk Maker – Joyoung DJ13M-D988SG and Recipe Guidance

Try to imagine when you wake up in the chilly morning, there’s an warm Soy Milk waiting for you. I am introducing the Joyoung machine that I have been using for about three months. It looks pretty shiny brown in the surface.

1. Are you a person to read this article?

  1. You are expecting to live long and healthy people: In this competitive society, not only you need professional acknowledge, but also healthy outfits.
  2. Time saving: It will save you a lot of time to cook. And it will just spend 20 mins for cooking.
  3. Cost saving: Make the own soy milk by yourself will be the economical choices. 

2. Advantage of soy milk

Soy milk is naturally high in Vitamins B1, B2, proteins, etc. And its high unsaturated-to-saturated fat ratio promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Here’s my insights after 3 months: 

  1. Prevent constipation:Constipation is often caused by a low-fiber diet and dehydration. There’s the wall-breaking function soybean milk machine adopts wall-breaking and smashing in the wet-refiner.  Total dietary fiber of the soybean milk machine is enhanced by 3 times, providing users with real full-nutrition soybean milk free from filtration.

  2. Diet:The most apparent good thing of soy milk over normal milk in terms of weight loss is its reduced calories and sugar content.
  3. Hair Gross and Shiny hair:Natural black bean soy bean milk has rich protein, and it will boost your hair moisture. It will keep maintaining your hair with healthy condition. Please see 4-2 Black bean, Black Rice milk recipe.

3. My first experience to use Joyoung soy milk machine

When I received the package, it looks very pretty outside(PIC A). After using, there’s very less residues inside the cup.(PIC B)





4. Simple Receipe

4-1 Red date, Red Bean, soy milk 


Material  Step
Red Date ( remove seeds)  30 g 1. Rinse Beans and Red Date 
Red Beans 30 g 2. Pour into Joyoung soy milk maker
Soy Beans 60 g 3. Add water 1100ml

4-2 Black bean, Black Rice milk


Material Step
Black beans 50 g  1. Black beans and Black Rice
Black Rice 40 g 2. Pour into Joyoung soy milk maker with Black sesame seeds
Black sesame seeds 3. Add water 1100ml

5. How to purchase

If you are interested for Joyoung Soy Milk maker, I’m going to introduce you the useful Online shopping Amazon to US local residents or International students who just come to North America. If you are a Amazon Prime Member. There will be “Free” if you are renting the books, movies, music, etc.. You will expect to get your huge furniture within two days or some fresh groceries within 1~2 hours. Try to image this situation: You will chill at home and read or hang out with friends, instead of waiting the long cues for shopping the groceries. What’s a good life! More info please see The Intro – Amazon Prime、Amazon Prime Now. I bought this Soy Milk maker from HERE



PIC REF: Amazon


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