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Carpool in Bay Area

California has state tax of 6%, and allows local government to collect tax up to 3.5%. 

In Bay area, the sales tax is around 9.5%. If you just moved here and started working, it’s hard to afford buy or lease a car. Here are recent two apps I use for carpooling. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Carpooling


  1. Money-saving: you will save car lease, gasoline fees, car insurance fees, etc
  2. Safety: If you just get the driver license, it will be risky to drive in the highway.
  3. Explore the network: every uber/ Carpool drivers have more stories, it will break your comfort zones.
  4. Net-working: Most of Scoop drivers work nearby you. You might end up making good friends!
  5. Time saving: Carpool lanes can save you tons of time
  6. Preventing the global warming


  1. Sitting with strangers (Driver/ riders)
  2. Still more expensive than buying a cheap car (if commute distance is long)
  3. Your safety is in the hand of other person.

The introduction of carpooling app

Uber 28 days pass

  1. Covered Area: SF city and great bay area.

Uber pass covered area

2. Flat fare package: Fixed price. But if you’re riding with a ride pass and the original cost of the ride exceeds the maximum value. You’ll be charged the flat fare plus and overage.

3. Day: 28 days ( The app will show all the detail of your current pass, including how many rides and days you have left)


It shows the pass remaining days and amount in Uber app


  1. Cover Area: SF city and great bay area.
  2. Flat fare package: $4~$8 depends on the distance. If you are located in bay area and want to save some money, why not go ahead?
  3. Request time: Need to register by 3:30pm for evening ride/ and by 9pm for next day morning ride. And Scoop will match your driver.


 Comparison Table

Uber 28 day pass Scoop
Price ( From Mountain View to Fremont/ From Fremont to Mountain View; 17 miles) $3.49 Uber Pool/ $6.99 Uber X, but price will overage sometimes( to $13 ~$18) $4~$8 depends distance, Cheaper
Payment Debit, Credit
Driver/ Rider Rating It will show on the apps Unseen for rider
Purchase time Certain time offer Anytime
Time flexibility Request anytime Need to register by 3:30pm for evening ride/ and by 9pm for next day morning ride
Weekend Available anytime N/A
Weekday Available anytime Only from 4:30~11:15am/ 4:10~8:40
First Sign up promotion $10 Credit $20 Credit
Apply Register ( or use my promo code uberBeckyuber) Register ( or use my promo code BECKY5Z6)

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