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Las Vegas Guidance (Transportation, Buffet, Shows)

中文內容請見拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas – 交通、旅館、看秀的介紹

I live in Bay Area, North California. Because of working, I usually had some business trips with customers in Las Vegas. ( So far I love it so much!). I have been to US for 4 years but to Vegas for 10+ times. It includes my personal and business trips. Now I’m sharing my experience to my readers. Before this, let me show you the Song – “Dean Martin – Las Vegas”. You’ll get some ideas about Vegas. More Songs related to Vegas please see here

1. The Most Popular Area

The most popular area in Vegas is called ” Strip”. I love their break-taking night view so much. You will feel your American dream is coming true when you see it by yourself. 

Paris, Caesar,Bally

Night View ( Bally’s, Paris, Caesars Palace) (Myself)

Here’s overall Hotel and Casino resorts as below. ( PIC REF: vegasclick.com/)


Here’s my photos which are taken in Strip. Isn’t beautiful?

Fashion Show Mall

Wynn & Encore -1

Daily View ( Fahion Show mallWynn) (Myself)

2. Transportation in Las Vegas

There are multiple ways to commute in Vegas. You’ll see all the Taxi signs in front of Casino. Now it’s easy to use UberLyft and the prices are more affordable. In airport, here are the pickup location.

  • At terminal 1, head to T1 Parking and take the elevator up to Level 2M.
  • At terminal 3, head to T3 Parking and take the elevator down to the Valet Level (V).
Uber pick up.JPG


Bus is also a good way for budget travelers. You will view all pretty Strip and avoid walk too much, especially you will have some chances to get dehydration in the hot desert weather. You can take Duece, the price is $6 / 2 hrs, $8 / 24 hrs. The frequency of Dueceis every 10 mins. You’ll see the Bus sign and purchase your ticket as below.

Duece bus stop

PIC REF: flickr.com/

By the way, the total Strip is 4.2 Miles( 6.8km). If you have plenty of time and like walking, it’s also the good way to walk along the street. 

3. Buffet in Las Vegas

I love Buffet in Vegas! And you’ll find some good deals in Tix for Tonight. There are some discounts for 70% or 2nd ticket 50%. It’s worth it to get these discount tickets to eat buffet. For my own experiences, I recommend Caesars PalaceWynnMirage . The price for each person just need around $20~30 if you purchased by Tix for Tonight

Here are Tix for tonight location as below. I suggest you can purchase the ticket in the morning to avoid the long line. Some famous spots such as Planet Hollywood、showcase(coke) etc should wait longer. I usually purchase in Fashion show and I usually wait 10 mins only.

Tix4tonight locationsCoca cola.jpg

PIC REF: tix4tonight.com/ and one of ticket purchase location showcase(coke) ( Myself)

4. Living in Las Vegas

I love walking along the strip and visit each Casino resorts. Here’s the suggestion base on the budget.

  • Medium Budget: I usually stay in Treasure Island, which located in Strip. And I just walk to several Casino to watch shows and buffet. The price is around $80~$120 per night.
  • Less Budget Concerns:If it’s your first time to stay in Vegas, I recommend to stay in fancy casinos such as Venetian, Caesars palace, Bellagio, Aria. And I highly recommend Wynn. This hotel is built in 2001. The rooms are news and pretty. 

PIC REF: Wynn ( Myself)

  • Budget Concerns:If you want to save Hotels and spend to other items, I recommend FlamingoHarrah’s, which are old casino but in the Strip still. Otherwise you can choose far way from Strip such as Circus Circus and commute with bus. 

5. Fun in Vegas ( Shows)

I don’t gamble too much, so most activity I did in Vegas are for show! For the show in same day, you can purchase in Tix for tonight as above mentioned. But if you plan earlier, I recommend you still purchase via VEGAS.COM to reserve the shows and get better Seat. More shows will be added here once I get some new experience.

5-1 Magic 

I watched many shows in Vegas and Xavier is my top favorite show to watch. I was a magic club member in college and I knew so many tricks he performed are difficult. And Xavier also mixed with some new high tech, sounds with performance! Lastly, it was fun in the whole show!! He is good at managing the atmosphere with audience. I highly recommend you can watch this show! :)

Ps. Belle is very pretty. :) :)  – My Yelp Review

I inserted one of his famous show in “Penn & Teller Fool Us”


  • Penn and Teller:Most of magic are interactive with audience. As it includes a lot of talking in Magic, I recommend English fluently people to watch.

5-2 Acrobatics

Most of Acrobatics shows are all being monopoly by Cirque du Soleil 

La Rava -1

PIC REF: Le Reve – The Dream (Myself)

Cirque du Soleil includes:

  • KA: Some difficult Acrobatic performed. 
  • O: Performed with water.
  • Beatles:More musical performance. Good to go with family.
  • Mystere: Price is cheaper than KA or O. Good to go with family.
  • Zumanity: 21+ allowed. Good to go with young people and couples
  • Michael Jackson One: More musical performance. Good to go with family.

———————— Shows are allowed 21 + years old Readers ——————————–

5-3 Topless show

For Guys

  • Fantasy: Topless show with pretty and sexy girls. Good to go with friends and couples. 
  • X Rocks: Topless show with pretty and sexy girls. Good to go with friends and couples. 
  • Zombie Burlesque: Topless show with pretty and sexy Zombies. They are good with interact with audience. Good to go with friends and couples. 
  • Crazy Girls: The average girls are much older. 
X burlesque.jpg

PIC REF: X Rocks

For Ladies

  • Chippendales: For ladies should have been once in your life! All the audiences are ladies obvious, so release your energy and scream for these sexy guys! You will get some chances to be with these guys so close. Good to go with your ladies friends and celebrate your birthday and Bachelorette party. ;) 
  • Thunder From Down Under: Similar performance. 
  • Magic Mike Live: The show is performed based on the popular movie ” Magic Mike” and “Magic Mike XX:” The main actor Channing Tatum opens his own Show in Vegas. If you are lucky you might get chances to see him there. Ref: LAtimes

PIC REF: Chippendales ( Myself)


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