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Universal Studio Hollywood

When you think about Los Angeles Hollywood, the Universal Studio is highly recommended to visit. Especially you are the TV series and Movies fans, be sure to put “Universal Studio” into your trip.



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1.Universal Studio Info

1.1 Hours(Pst)

http: //www.universalstudioshollywood.com/calendar/

  • Sun~Wed: 9AM–7PM
  • Thur: 9AM–6PM
  • Fri~Sat: 8AM–6PM

1.2 Tickets

  • Universal Studio Website: 10% off sometimes
  • Costco:  Costco sometimes offer good deal for the ticket. Member Only Item
  • eBay: Search ”Universal Studio Hollywood Ticket”in eBay and select high rating Sellers
  • Starline:  All day admission to Universal Studios Hollywood with round-trip transportation from Anaheim. 
    Adult $167
    Childen $149
    Transportation only $45


1.3 Tips to maximum your time

1.3.1 Buy Front of Line ticket

It’s a super weapon to avoid the long line! Especially in the holiday or some peak season, with “Front of Line ticket”, you will save a lot of time for waiting popular rides. Searching ”Universal Studio Hollywood Front of Line ticket” in eBay and select high rating seller. 



The “Front of Line ticket” only applied in the Ride entrance. But you’ll wait a bit time(10~20mins) when you reach the gate.

Some famous rides such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Simpson, etc are not applied. 

1.3.2 Go to lower lot and avoid The Wizarding World of Harry Potter when you arrive to Universal Studio

I recommend going to the Lower Lot first in the morning and then return to Harry Potter in the late afternoon. I was surprised that I didn’t wait to ride the “Transformer” after The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened. :)  


1.3.3 Use the Single Riders Line

Taking the Single Rider Line is the fastest way to get on a ride, if you don’t mind to split with your group and friends.

2. The Guide to Hotels 

2.1 Near Universal studio Hollywood (within 10 mins drives)

If you have plenty budget, I recommend Hilton and Sheraton. These Hotels are all located in the central of Universal Studio Hollywood just need 5 mins driving. In my own experience, I recommend a El Royal. There are about 10 rooms with very clean service. The hotel offers breakfast as well. Their friendly service will make you feel coming back to the sweet home. Taking the Uber or Lyft from Hotel to Universal Studio will just need 10 mins ( 20 mins by walking).


El Royal 1

2.1 Best Budget Hotels Suggestion 

I recommend you can consider Airbnb. But better to rent a car to go Universal Studio. You can use my refferal to apply your account, and both you and I will get $40 referral.

3. Transportation

Airport: To Burbank / Bob Hope Airport. It will take 15 mins from Airport to Universal Studio.

Subway: Taking red line to Universal/Studio City and shuttle to go Universal city will be another suggestion.

Self-Driving: The traffic in So-Cal is crazy. I recommend you can take Uber or Lyft

4. Fun

4.1 Universal Studio Hollywood Map


4.2 Park Highlights

4.2.1 Lower Lot

Transformer: High-definition 3-D images, special effects and cool robots.


Jurassic Park: Water ride 

Mummy: Exciting Roller coaster

4.2.2 Upper Lot

Studio Tour: The tour goes in to the movie studio, with nice film sets on the lot. The total tour will take 45~60 mins. It offers Mandarin and Spanish tour as well.

Studio Tour

Simpsons 3D: The animation in the ride

Shrek 4-D: The ride that puts you in the action with hair-raising, eye-popping, butt-busting effects

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem:  Use of 3-D HD digital animation



The Wizarding world of Harry Potter): Use of 4-D HD digital animation

Harry Potter

4.2.3 Shows(Upper Lot)

These shows as below are good for taking a break after the series of exciting rides. And I’m highly recommended to bring family to watch!

Water World):With jumping jet-skiers, fights, and massive explosions.

Water world

Special Effects: Do you want to know the skills behind the films? You will find out the answers behind the scenes. :)

Universal’s Animal Actors: Pro animal performance. 

5. Universal Studio Hollywood Rating and Reviews

  Rating Young People Good for parents
Transformer ☆☆☆☆ V V
Jurassic Park ☆☆☆ V  
Mummy ☆☆☆ V  
Studio Tour ☆☆☆☆☆ V V
Simpsons 3D ☆☆☆ V  
Shrek 4-D ☆☆☆☆ V V
Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ☆☆☆☆ V V
The Wizarding world of Harry Potter ☆☆☆☆☆ V  
Water World ☆☆☆ V V
Special Effects ☆☆☆☆ V V
Universal’s Animal Actors ☆☆☆☆ V V

6. Extra activities in the Hollywood

I recommend the readers can go L.A Bus tour Move stars’ Home Tour. It’s a good way to learn English and meet new friends! L.A Bus Tour also offer other Language ( Mandarin, Spanish, France, etc) service. Click the links as above can get $5 discount!


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